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Study in USA

country that accommodates the worldwide international students in USA with a multicultural atmosphere and high quality education.

The UK offers a life-changing experience of top-notch academics, cultural immersion, and incomparable career possibilities.


Study In UK

Study In Australia

Australia is an ideal destination to study abroad according to the finest reasons like quality education, low jobless rates, fully funded scholarships and many more.

Study In Canada

Canada presents a promising path with its excellent universities, and employment options, in several academic domains with its outstanding reputation in research and education worldwide.

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the top universities in the world with courses that are adaptable, varied, and customized to your interests and plans.

A chance for a

collective aspiration

We can be a guiding light for a fresh start to the world full of possibilities.

Study Visa in France

The French higher education system is renowned for its excellent calibre.

State of art facilities and pro-industry teachings created by the top academicians in the world are hallmarks of Irish universities.

fresh start,

Study Visa in Ireland

Study Visa Germany

Germany stands as a flashpoint destination with its elite colleges, a realistic outlook, provide a broad range of specializations to meet your diverse academic interests.

Study Visa in Italy

Italy is a desirable destination with its rich cultural heritage and robust educational system.

Study Visa in Scotland

Scottish universities are the best in the world for both their exceptional degrees and their warm, interesting traditions.

Our guidance to

To catch your dream flight on the adventure of lifetime with our clear and helpful guide.

your success


It’s our mission to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective IELTS training available.


Make yourself ready for the most relevant English proficiency exam.


We will train you for the test of eligibility that is required to get enrolled in graduate programs internationally


Your ambition of studying abroad may be determined by your score. Join us today to receive the best PTE training.

Spring up your ability in the Duo lingo test with our experts.



The visa procedures

g2goverseas Consultants in Hyderabad with 8 years of experience has assisted over 7000+ individuals in realizing their dreams of studying abroad. We assist with a variety of credentials that will enable you to travel abroad and achieve your goals.

Training assistance

We build students for a variety of tests, including Duo lingo, the GRE, the TOEFL, the PTE, and the IELTS. Our services as Hyderabad-based consultants are dedicated to satisfy your demands.

Let’s help you live your dream

Certified and experienced trainer, latest course material, unique technique and special attention.

Global education

Discover cultures, cuisines, and locations all at once by studying abroad. Take part in a healthy adventure overseas.


We are trained and qualified with years of experience to help you crack any entrance exam. Teaching students in small sections helps us focus on each student individually.

Prove your proficiency in English language through our training and get emigrated to english-speaking countries.
Qualify in this premium english test and get accepted by universities in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand.
We train you to qualify the mandatory entrance test for graduation programs overseas.
Get trained to clear the English language test and work overseas.

Why G2G Overseas?

Study overseas with someone who knows the way


we help you in locating and applying to academic institutions that provide the courses you are interested in. We guide you through the process and connect you with the most appropriate courses.


Admitting students overseas is not our only responsibility, but also involves assisting students with housing, lifestyle, money management, and other information.

Visa Process

We deliver tips for the better documents needed for visa application and for the interview.


If you are confused and have unanswered questions about studying abroad. We provide career path advice and assistance in understanding the possible outcomes of your selected educational path.

Study abroad destinations

Study abroad destinations where we partner with over 700 quality institutions.

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