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Italian academic institutions are proud of their history and standing. More than a dozen foreign degree programmes are offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and are instructed in English. Tor Vergata, which was established just in 1982, was named one of the greatest young colleges in Europe and is renowned for its excellent graduation and employment rates.

A number of the top business schools in Europe are located in Italy, including the renowned SDA Bocconi in Milan, the nation’s financial hub. Numerous renowned business executives are among its graduates, and its MBA curricula often rank among the best in the world and Europe.

Italians are reputed to be hospitable and outgoing individuals. You’ll rapidly make acquaintances in the area. And they’ll tell you that for every Italian, living la dolce vita (literally, “the sweet life”), means dining out and enjoying high-quality, wholesome cuisine.

Although English is not generally used outside of academic settings, you will profit greatly from taking some courses in Italian before and during your stay, even though you will only need a few words and phrases to get by. This is particularly true if you choose to remain and work in Italy after graduating.


One of the main benefits of studying in Italy for Indian students is the country’s affordable higher education. Italy, which established the basis for higher education in Europe, is home to some of the oldest institutions in the world. Free education at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as decreased living expenses for international students are additional benefits of studying in Italy. In addition, there are more than 500 different course alternatives available. Italy prides itself on having a good return on investment while having limited resources.

Traditional regional festivals and important international athletic events are both examples of cultural events. Italian nightlife is constantly vibrant, particularly in the cities. Most people vacation in the country or by the sea during the summer. Any student can benefit from the wonderful, attractive country of Italy in terms of quality of life.

Typical Applications require

Applications can usually be accessed via the Institution website.

  • Personal details
  • Subject/ major/ course choices
  • Education details (for example high school name, address and qualifications)
  • Standardized test details
  • Work experience (if applicable)
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Application Process
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