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Prepare for the test of english as a foreign language. The TOEFL exam is a gateway for students to pursue their dream course in University in a foreign land.

G2G is a team of professionals with a mission to train students and prepare them for the rat race of qualifying for the TOEFL exam.

We have a uniquely curated curriculum including study material, worksheets, weekly assessments, and toefl practice tests guided by mentors to train students to qualify each section with flying colors. Through continuous assessment we monitor students performance and their learning progress and provide the required guidance via special classes and assistance.

We outstand others by providing guidance in online registration for TOEFL exam.

TOEFL-Test Format

Toefl exam is a 4 hours computer based exam consisting of four sections that measure the candidate’s language proficiency. The four sections include reading, listening, speaking and writing, the entire exam is through online mode including the speaking test which is recorded digitally.

The reading section consists of 4-5 passages with 12 questions for each passage. This section quantifies your reading speed i.e. the ability to read context faster and understand the meaning of the context without any difficulty.

 Listening section emphasizes the candidate’s ability to listen and understand spoken English with ease through conversations, passages and small speeches each about 5 minutes long.

Speaking section is one of the important sections in the exam that measures your proficiency in the English language. Since, the candidate’s interaction with people and surroundings is in the mode of english, qualifying this section becomes highly significant.

The final section is the writing section, where the candidate undergoes writing tasks.

Launch the pedestal of TOEFL through expert training and guidance of Global Migration Advisors.

Why take the TOEFL Exam?

Most students who intend to pursue higher education overseas take the ETS TOEFL exam. Students taking the TOEFL exam would also make them eligible for a number of scholarships and assist those searching for work abroad with the visa application process.

What are the types of TOEFL Exams?

Candidates should be aware that there are three different ways to take the TOEFL exam: online (TOEFL iBT), on paper (TOEFL Test on Paper), and at home (TOEFL Home Edition). More than 98% of TOEFL tests taken globally are in the iBT format, which is the favoured exam format.


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Course fee starts from 5lakh rupees work visa after study 100% Assistance for further study/work in UK until settlement No consultation Fees.

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